Photo of Cormac Ferguson

Cormac Ferguson M.T.O.M, Dipl. Ac & CH, L.Ac., a board certified Herbalist and Acupuncturist, is presently Chair of the Department of Herbology at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

A passionate advocate of Traditional Chinese medicine, he is also a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a modern approach to the teaching of Chinese Herbal formula construction.

His past appointments include positions as staff herbalist and acupuncturist at Century City hospital, The Desert Memorial Cancer Center in Palm Springs, and Santa Teresita Hospital in Duarte.

He also served as clinic director at both Samra University of Oriental Medicine and Southern California University School of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.

A recent winner of the Golden Needle Award for teaching excellence in Chinese Medicine, Cormac Ferguson has been teaching doctors and students how to use Chinese herbs for the past fifteen years, and in this capacity is presently a professor and supervising doctor at Yosan University, Emperor’s College, and Samra University.

His recently published book, The Book of Modules, and his formula writing seminars are moving the practice of Chinese Medicine into the mainstream of American healthcare.

Cormac is also an accomplished jazz and blues musician, and brings to the art of formula construction a fresh and innovative approach that makes the practice of Chinese herbology more accessible to the student of oriental medicine.

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