“Cormac Ferguson sets the foundation for authentic herbalism. His book, “The Book of Modules”, and his lecture series have helped me immensely.
Edsel Tan, L.Ac.

“I have been a Physician-Psychiatrist for over twenty years, and have studied with Cormac in order to benefit my patients. I, like many before me, found Chinese herbal knowledge to be very hard to organize. Cormac greatly simplified that problem with his new manual. It is a great assist in constructing a “formula” that is both simple and effective. I feel very fortunate to study with Cormac and hope that he will continue to offer more classes and even further refine the many clinical pearls that he now provides.
Dr. Alan Blanc M.D.

“Cormac Ferguson has been my teacher since 1997.  He was instrumental in my love for eastern herbs.  I have extensive knowledge of western herbs and was resistant to  learning the herbs for Chinese medicine. When you work with Cormac his excitement comes through his teaching.  His classes are fun, interesting and above all jam packed with information.  Never miss an opportunity to work with him.  He now has a book, and it is filled with his personality and love for the herbs and the medicine.  Thank you Cormac for all that you are and do for this community, and for sharing your knowledge with us.  I humbly thank you.”
Linda Morse Ph.D.,L.Ac. Dipl. of OM

“Cormac Ferguson is the reason that I use Chinese herbs in my practice.  Without his amazing breakdown of the herbal modules and his passion for their efficacy, I never would have considered having them as a part of my healing arsenal.  Cormac’s passion for herbology can only be matched by his colorful stories and entertaining teaching style – there is nothing quite like alternating laughter and awe in a CEU course.  I would recommend learning Cormac’s material to anyone that plans on using Chinese herbs as a part of their practice and am extremely grateful to be able to call him my teacher.”
Traver H. Boehm L.Ac, Dipl O.M.

“As a new doctor of Chinese medicine, despite studying Chinese herbs thoroughly in school I was wary of them in my practice although I really wished to do so.  It seemed to me that you needed to be a master in order to use them safely and effectively.  But Cormac’s techniques have handled that problem for me; now my patients have the benefits of Chinese herbs without the years of “practice” that I used to feel unavoidable.  Thanks, Cormac!”
Diane Holmes

“Cormac Ferguson is an herbal formulas master. His knowledge is not only vast and thorough, his passion on the topic is infectious and as a teacher he ignites the room with his inspiration. He is a teacher of teachers and more than anyone I have met throughout my time as a Chinese Medicine Student he has helped me make sense of herb combining and formula writing in a way that is both highly effective and safe.  For anyone lucky enough to learn from him, you will not be sorry!”
Terra Gold, 4th year TCM student

“Finally, the complexity of herbal medicine is now translated into a simple, pragmatic, and easily applicable model! Cormac has created a classification of herbal medicine which allows my Western mind to feel at ease prescribing tailored and elegant herbal formulas, while honoring the wisdom and experience of our brilliant ancient doctors. What a gift to our community!  Thanks for the hard work Cormac, your contribution is so valued, and needed!”
Claude Bergeron, L.Ac., MFTI.

“I highly recommend Cormac Ferguson’s “Formula Writing Class.”  It’s very informative and organized, which for people like me is A+.  I have been practicing acupuncture for 10+ years, and writing Chinese herbal formula is somewhat of an agonizing task.  Dr. Ferguson has miraculously transformed it into a super easy and fun experience.  I am starting to give my patients customized formulas, and I love it, and my patients also see the difference too.”
Diep Ng. Ho, L.Ac., Burbank, CA

“As an acupuncture student, I have studied Chinese herbal formulas the old-fashioned way for years. I am so grateful for Cormac’s method in this book. If you want to be able study less, practice more and write formulas with ease, utilize the information in this book. It is an excellent tool to perfect your ability to write effective Chinese herbal formulas with ease.”
Mary Schulz, TCM Student

“I had absolutely no idea how to approach writing formulas on my own.  After taking Cormac’s class I now have the ability to address any situation with herbs, and do it with confidence!!!! His style of teaching is clear, energetic and to the point, and his first priority is always the student.  Without what I learned in Cormac’s class I don’t feel as though I would be able to be the true healer I am striving for. Thank You Cormac for the wonderful class….you are amazing!!!”
Margot Gersh, TCM Student

“I was using herbal formulas before, but I wanted to customize rather than use the one size fits all approach.  Cormac Ferguson has broken down formula writing into modules that make combining herbs simpler.  What seemed daunting, confusing and time consuming before is now a breeze.  I will definitely be prescribing more custom herbal formulas and I believe my patients will certainly benefit from the knowledge I have gained.  Thanks Cormac!!!  Take his course and/or get his book (The Book of Modules) and get clarity and gain confidence with your formula writing.”
Arlene Takaki, D.C., L.Ac.

“I can’t describe the joy and relief I had when I met Cormac and took his Herbal Formula Construction Class. After taking his class I can confidently build a formula for any pathology. If you are someone that feels overwhelmed by formula’s and herbs, frustrated by the way you are being taught, or need to brush up on your formula’s this is the class for you.”
Vincent Hosfield L.Ac.

“The modular approach in writing formulas is truly reflected in how Cormac Ferguson teaches his Formula Writing course.  He brings to this course his impressive encyclopedia of knowledge on herbs and TCM, his excellent communication style coupled with a great sense of humor, and his genuine passion for this medicine.  All these elements together formulate the necessary modules for delivering an excellent course.”
Homa Sajadian L.Ac.

“Cormac shows you how to construct a formula based upon a clear diagnosis and this shows you how you can go beyond what he teaches and discover for yourself the world of herbal medicine in TCM. In Cormac’s seminars, the knowledge he offers will greatly enhance your skills and consequently boost your bottom line as a practitioner of TCM.”
Jim Harris L.Ac.

“Cormac’s formula writing class is an invaluable resource for students preparing to take the Board exams, practitioners who want a new method for prescribing herbs for their patients, or anyone who needs a good thorough review of all those single herbs we love (and forget so easily!).  As a result of taking Cormac’s class, I no longer feel apprehensive about tailoring herbal formulas to meet my patient’s specific needs.  Cormac’s method of using herbal modules as the building blocks for formulas has provided me a framework for understanding the synergistic relationships between various herbs.  This class has been crucial in solidifying my knowledge and understanding of herbal medicine, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
Megan Joyce, 4th year TCM student

“I am currently a student enrolled in Acupuncture school and I am about halfway through the program.  This workshop has really helped solidify my knowledge of how certain herbs work together and for certain issues or diseases. Cormac’s grouping of herbs together into modules is very helpful for remembering what herbs work well together and it helps you see why they are together into a formula. This makes writing formulas a much less daunting experience. I would recommend this workshop to any student and any practitioner. I love herbs and feel that they are essential in practice. For those who feel like they are complicated and confusing this workshop really breaks their use down in easy to apply methods for writing your own formulas or tweaking basic formulas for your patient’s individual needs. Thank you so much! I loved the class!”
Ashley Beckman, TCM Student

“Cormac’s experience with herbs is amazing. He is able to break it down in a way that no one has been able to do. A while ago he offered his class of Formulas for a weekend. My confidence in herbs went through the roof. Cormac makes it easy to break down the herbs and formulas. Within the teachings are all the Dui Yaos (paired herbs). I loved this class!”
Alicia Hill, TCM Student

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